I walked into a usually vacant building on the corner of 7th and New York Ave NW DC and heard a voice that beckoned me towards it.  The sound was rhythmic and captivating.  As I made my way closer to the stage a man with a small frame and a colossal voice swayed back and forth around the stage drawing everyone around him in.  The man Jesse Boykins III along with The Beauty Created filled the room with harmony.(http://www.facebook.com/Jb3music)

Outside the venue Elle Maxwell strung together lyrics as she flowed and rocked without a mic!  She commanded everyone around her to stop and watch.  Her flow is nice and unexpected which is a combination I think will carry her far.  Follow her here:

Elle Maxwell
Hip Hop Artist

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The scene of the heART Gallery DC was real chill and eccentric. It was a delight to simply be in the room.  You could see the creativeness in the dress and movements of the people who filled it.  I’ll defiantly be following these guys to see what they’ll be doing next.  

the heART Gallery D.C. was presented by THINGS WE LOVE, LLC and hosted by Rodney Rikai.

Note: The blog hating photog made an oopsie! I’ve corrected the name of the group of gentlemen who put on this show.  Sorry folks!


the heArt Gallery DC (correction)

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