Louis Mendes

Ok, I met Mr. Louis Mendes this past Saturday outside of the Javits Conference Center in New York City. I am really about to implement his swag, yes, implement his swag. I can’t stand using the word swag but can I have a pass this one time please and thank you! As he held his camera, I watched as people approached to inquired about the speed graphic press camera. In my eyes it was magical, he knew where to be and what to do. Mr. Mendes was very engaging and easy to talk to and more than willing to take your picture. I had mine taken, and I’ll put it up for you to see. The jewel he gave me before we parted ways was this, “shoot less, charge more and print it out instantly.”

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Annexation of Hawai`i

On the National Mall near the Smithsonian Metro stop, there were rows and rows of names.  The 2,200 names on the Mall represents only a fraction of the people from all over the Hawaii Islands that signed a petition against the annexation of Hawaii to the United States in 1897.  Queen Lili`uokanlani went to the United States with petitions in hand to show that she and her people wanted independence.  With the perseverance of the Queen, the Treaty of Annexation failed because of the overwhelming number of signed petitions.  However, a municipal law titled “The Newlands Resolution” did them in and eventually Hawaii was overthrown.

In 1997 the petitions were brought back to light when Dr. Noenoe Silva took them from the U.S. National Archives in Washington, D.C. back to Hawaii.  It wasn’t until January 17, 1998, that Dr. Silva went around the Islands making them known to their descendants.

Today the Kaleimailealii Civic Club is using ku`e name signs to bring awareness and keep moving in the direction of justice for their descendants.

Worn Magazine

There were good vibes all around the Worn Magazine issue no. 4 launch party at Capitol Skyline hotel in SW DC.  There is much to say about the event but it’s late and I’m worn (ha ha, ok, sorry – i’ll stop now).  All in all, it made out to be a great party with down to earth, cool and of course good looking folks.  Check out the pics.  

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Also, I have to thank my friend Tracy Berry for always keeping me in the DC fashion world loop!!!

Here are a couple of the designers from the night:  Aphra Adkins (designed the hooded dress) and Denisio Truitt (wearing her design pictured sitting/standing poolside).