16th Annual International Couture Collection Show

The last runway show of DC Fashion Week showcased designers: Anjoreen, Avant-Garde Styles, Corjor International, Desix USA, Ene Maya, FireFly Designs Africa * Asia, Hadza, House of Jola, House of Nwocha, Olga De Nogga, Ruddy Wolff, Saidati Caftan’s, Soblieva/Vronskaya and Transparente.  Click the link and enjoy…   http://smu.gs/yiW66i


Ean Williams’ Corjor International

Not having seen any of Mr. Williams clothes I wasn’t sure what to expect from the host of DC Fashion Week.  But after watching the models strut down the runway at The Washington Club in their tailor made blacks and reds I was elated.  Every time I pushed down the shutter of my camera, the click sounded like a smile, corny yes, but true.  Mr. Williams made my camera smile!  Like my good friend Lady Tre’ said and I concur, it felt like I’d taken a rendezvous in old time Paris and it was marvelous!  Click on the link and enjoy…