“Oh!No!” the Miltown Clown does not perform – he shares. He shares by expressing the authenticity and creativity that he has cultivated from years of martial arts and gymnastics. When “Oh!No!” starts to navigate a space it is children and adults alike are lulled into his clown mime fusion. He’s confidence pulls the children into a crowd while he orchestras a scene of his choosing. Whether it is acrobats, sending kids into flips or cartwheels, he keeps it in balance making sure all aspects are covered all the way down to safety. “Oh!No!” encourages the children to be actively involved in the sharing and often they want to challenge him and he does his best to oblige, however, never overshadowing them and always keeping them engaged.

The inspiration for “Oh!No!” came from The Fabulous Feno. Feno is a graduate and former member of the Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey Clown College and Circus. Having traveled the states from the Pacific to the Atlantic Feno has given “Oh!No! a wealth of knowledge to pull from. It was not just the fact that Feno was a member of the Ringling Bros. that capture “Oh!No!”’s attention. It was also that Feno is a black man willing to take the risk of being a clown and opening himself up to possibly be questioned. “Oh!No!” says, “People appreciate another black man that will do this (be a clown/mime) and hang out with the kids.” “Oh!No!” carries a brown satchel given to him by Feno to cement his understanding and respect.

“Oh!No!” in his loud silence lets people around him, big or small know that he wants to remain authentic while manifesting a spirit of love and openness so that people can open themselves up to new things and him. A friend talked to him about surrealism, negative space and drawing in objects around him and bringing them back to life. Watching “Oh!No!” in action, one can only conclude that he has a gravitational pull.

Facts about The Fabulous Feno were taken from his website

http://www.fabfeno.com/WhatIsCool/justthefacts.html give it a go!

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