Aphra Adkins

I walked up the steps to the Veracruz Gallery not knowing what to expect not having ever been there before.  When I reached the landing, I saw art covering the walls that looked as if it were there to stay.  Then as I turn to my left there sat two racks of clothing. On them hung, dresses, skirts, tops, and bottoms.   Some in subtle grays alongside vibrant reds and blues. I loved the flirty dresses. I say flirty because I would wear one out on a date or to get a date ;-)!  Anywho, every clothing item there was made by the hands of Aphra Adkins.  Her pieces are amazing.  If you’re into fashion and want a piece that is unique and you don’t feel the need to see 10,000 other people wearing the same thing, you defiantly need to get in contact with Aphra Adkins. By the way, I took some pics, click the link and enjoy….http://smu.gs/11oQF6p

Oh, by the way here is the link to her site: aphraadkins.com


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